Saturday, September 25, 2010

Europe Pictures up!

I am slowly but surely getting around to blogging about our trip. For now I put pictures up on Facebook...of the 1100 pics I narrowed it down to 780, don't worry I only put up 200 something!

Friday, September 10, 2010

4th of July

Ok so I lied, I have a few minutes before we leave so I'm going to go ahead and get this post up:)

This was the first time I've actually been in NC for a fourth of July since high school, I think. We had a good time with the family and Jes and Phillip's friends. I used to go to Kenan Stadium for the fireworks every year when I lived at home. I must say, after watching the massive show Idaho Falls puts on where people come from the surrounding states and camped out for days to watch the show over the lake, and watching the fireworks in DC the last two years (at the White House two years ago, thanks to Christian) and on top of the firm Carleton was interning at last year with some great friends, this display of fireworks seemed pretty tame.

There were festivities at the football stadium before the actual fireworks show took place. We took Taylor on a quest to find a man taller than Carleton, and we did, sort of. At first she was a little nervous, keeping one on eye on him while the other tried to smile at the camera.
She loosened up after a minute or so.
Carleton tried turning every which way to not get anything "UNC" in the background...sucker. As a side note, I usually dress very patriotic (well very red, white, and blue) on the 4th of July, this year I look a little pathetic with my "blue" jeans and little red ribbon, sorry, I slacked.
Taylor was excited for the fireworks, then it went off and she fell backwards and started screaming, she was TERRIFIED. After a few minutes she was getting better, this picture was her entering the "better" stage.

Ok, now we're really off to go camping!

Gone for the weekend.

We're going camping with some friends, but I PROMISE next week the blog posts will resume. Yes, that includes pictures from Europe!