Monday, July 25, 2011

My little handyman :)

Carleton has been very into home projects lately...the nursery, crown molding in the entire house, chair rail in the formal dining room, etc. Well he wanted to try his hand at tiling as well so we decided to do it on the upstairs guest bathroom.

putting down thinset and ditra:
Yes, that is the toilet sitting in the tub.

cutting tiles with the wet saw:


checking all his spacing and measurements:
bathroom tile 2w

bathroom tile 1w

Finished product!
I think it looks great!

Photo Challenge day 2

Ok, I'm back from youth conference (which was AMAZING!) and I promise to be diligent with posting the 30-day challenge pictures.

Picture 2: What you wore today.


Oh yeah, I'm also sporting my new haircut, complements of Hayley Hansen:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Better late than never

My friend, Ali decided to do a 30-day photo challenge, and I loved the idea but being gone for 6 days with girls camp and Wed-Sat this week at youth conference I thought maybe I shouldn't, or at least postpone it...well I'm done postponing. Today marks the first day of the photo challenge for me. So while there will be a break in posting pictures while I'm away being a "ma" chaperon, they will be posted eventually:) I'm also hoping this will help me blog more regularly since I keep slacking off! I think it's because my husband hates pictures so much that I'm not taking any (except for at all the weddings and other shoots I have!)

picture 1: Self-portrait


Disclaimer: If I'm not holding the camera all pictures will still be taken by me...with a tripod...and the remote shutter-release in my hand;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

The fourth of July was a little wetter than it has been in years past. We were worried fireworks would be canceled but luckily, the Mebane ones still happened even though several of the surrounding areas were either canceled or postponed to the following night.

We started the day off doing some work around the house...always fun, then my family came over to go to the pool for a few hours that afternoon. Amazingly, there was hardly anyone there, it was so nice! Later we went to Jes and Phillip's house for a grill/potluck party with their neighbors...the flies really wanted in on the action too, there were SO MANY swarming the food, yuck, it was like a game trying to keep everything covered before the flies landed on it. After eating some yummy food the rain forced everyone inside. My parents left, thinking the fireworks would be canceled but we stuck it out. We watched most of the fireworks at a park in Mebane with Jes and family before deciding to head out and miss all the traffic.

For those who are curious I'm 22 weeks here. The night before was the first time Carleton felt our little girl kick!


I don't know why he hates pictures SOOOO MUCH. He definitely married the wrong person.
4th of julyw

Carleton teaching the kids how to whistle with grass. Talan looks like he's about to pop a blood vessel!