Monday, July 18, 2011

Better late than never

My friend, Ali decided to do a 30-day photo challenge, and I loved the idea but being gone for 6 days with girls camp and Wed-Sat this week at youth conference I thought maybe I shouldn't, or at least postpone it...well I'm done postponing. Today marks the first day of the photo challenge for me. So while there will be a break in posting pictures while I'm away being a "ma" chaperon, they will be posted eventually:) I'm also hoping this will help me blog more regularly since I keep slacking off! I think it's because my husband hates pictures so much that I'm not taking any (except for at all the weddings and other shoots I have!)

picture 1: Self-portrait


Disclaimer: If I'm not holding the camera all pictures will still be taken by me...with a tripod...and the remote shutter-release in my hand;)


Danielle said...

Love this picture...and love you! SO excited for your baby!

Ali Holt said...

Hooray! I'm excited to see your pics!!!! You look amazing ash! P.s. I run into your mom everywhere!!!