Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carleton the Graduate.

Carleton's parents came to Durham for Carleton's graduation weekend. The first night they were here we went to Sweet Tomatoes...the place Carleton took me for our first date:) After dinner (since it was Winter time) it was pretty dark so he took me to the most beautiful sight in NC. Had he been clever he would've said that was me, instead he drove me here:
There was no bus parked in front of it, not hundreds of people standing out front taking pictures, and it was a lot darker, but you can still see how beautiful the Duke Chapel is.
The next day we went to Duke Gardens and the Law School so his parents could see why Duke's tuition is so high:) We then went to a really good Chinese Restaurant in Chapel Hill with my whole family (parents, sister and her fam, and my grandparents) and of course Carleton's parents:)
My great friend, Allison, let me sit in on one of her cake making expeditions (and even help!) So I used her recipe when it came time to make a graduation cake for Carleton's big day! It was 4 layers of chocolate/raspberry/chocolate buttercream/ganache goodness!
Here sits Carleton's fan club (those of us who went) waiting for graduation to start.
His graduation was really well done and quite classy!
I searched for Carleton's seat so I knew right where he'd be sitting and wrote him a special note. The girl sitting next to him was sad she didn't have a personalized message in her program, you're so loved, honey:)
Here he comes, here he comes! He was HEADS above all the people around him:)
So serious...
I was recording the guy saying his name and as I was trying to switch back to camera mode I didn't realize my flash was up so I didn't get very good pictures...I got much better pictures of his friends, go figure.

My parents say we kiss in EVERY picture, I don't think so.

See, here's proof!

Ernest, Carleton, Lana (his parents)

us with our parents
this looks a lot more us, it was supposed to be the fun/goofy shot, clearly nobody else wanted to be fun...ok my mom is sticking her tongue to the side, she gets points.
The J-Reubs (LDS guys...most of them)
With the ladies
ow ow
last picture, Carleton, I promise.
After graduation, we went home and divulged in that 4 layer chocolate/raspberry goodness.
Saturday morning we found out Karl was graduating on Sunday, rather than Saturday like we'd thought. So we headed out around 5am to catch both his graduations (MBA and Law) from William and Mary.
Look at that studly graduate with Elsa.
This picture just makes me smile.
for more pictures of Vera click here.

I'm SO proud of Carleton, and I'm so glad he's mine all mine. Love him SO much!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A WICKED good time

Carleton and I went to see Wicked opening night at the DPAC. It was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. I'd read part of the book and was very happy that the play was quite different than the book. The three times I've been to New York I've wanted to see it but it's always sold out, so when we saw it was one of the shows in the DPAC season ticket pass we jumped at the opportunity. It was a great note to end our season ticket experience with (since we'll be out of town for our last play). I've been wanting to go back and see it pretty much every day since we saw it, it was that good. My friend Julie gave me the soundtrack and I can't help myself, I play at least one song every single day as loud as I can, I'm sure our neighbors love us:) I really just can't say enough amazing things about it, and can't wait to see it again!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kristin's having a baby!

I threw my first baby shower a few weekends ago for my good friend, Kristin. She's having a little girl in about a month!

See the cute little sign above her head, it says Annabelle (her babies name, obviously) I cut out a bunch of shirts and made puffy sleeves. I'm pretty sure Allison had little faith that they'd turn out cute when I started drawing my template, but I think they ended up better than anticipated;)

she got lots of cute clothes, blankets, bags, etc.

Allison made this REALLY cute piece of cake with strawberries

Kristin and me;)

Allison also made THIS cake, DE-LIC-IOUS

This is Allison, the mastermind behind the edible (and non-edible) art.  She was a life-saver in helping me, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I think Kristin got some pretty sweet and creative stuff at her shower. One thing is for sure though, whenever I have a kid I hope someone makes me a cake as scrumptious and pretty as that one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sexy legs.

This post is long overdue.  But  I wanted everyone to see exactly HOW BAD his ankle was, he has a picture on his phone he took the day of where it looks like someone glued a grapefruit to the outside of his ankle, then put some skin on top.  Still never figured out uploading that picture to the internet...oh well.  It was MASSIVE.  How'd it happen?  Well, Carleton was playing church ball, up by 20 with two minutes remaining in the game.  He doesn't jump while playing ball, when you're 6'6 and most of the guys aren't even close to that, what's the point?  So he decides to jump to "take this other guy".  Good job, honey, you got him.  But joke's on you, he's the one who walked about without an ankle 4 times it's normal size!

I was on the other side of the gym and ran down, by the time I got there, it was already huge.  Minutes later I said, sorry honey, but I gotta go shoot a wedding:(

He then drove his manual car home, genius.

My parents tried calling him but he didn't answer, so when he heard a knock he tried hurrying to the door.  Being that bad wife that I am, I left some weights on our living room floor.  With his "good" foot he kicks one, rips his big toenail up and starts bleeding all over the place, nice.

All this happened morning of March 27th. It is 1:45pm on May 6th and guess what, his ankle is still swollen.  BUT it's looking much better, and it's only "stiff" and sore on one side instead of the entire thing, hooray!   We're getting there slowly but surely:)

So, this leads to the title of the post.  My husband has sexy legs, but don't think I'm biased, I'm not the only one who has voiced this opinion.  MULTIPLE friends of mine have admitted how they've noticed he has some very defined, nice legs.  Some have even gone so far as saying he's got the nicest legs they've ever seen on a guy.  I've mentioned before if he shaved he could almost pass for a really tall woman because they're so pretty.  I'm sure he LOVES that.  I'm excited for the return of TWO ankles and running again!