Friday, May 7, 2010

Kristin's having a baby!

I threw my first baby shower a few weekends ago for my good friend, Kristin. She's having a little girl in about a month!

See the cute little sign above her head, it says Annabelle (her babies name, obviously) I cut out a bunch of shirts and made puffy sleeves. I'm pretty sure Allison had little faith that they'd turn out cute when I started drawing my template, but I think they ended up better than anticipated;)

she got lots of cute clothes, blankets, bags, etc.

Allison made this REALLY cute piece of cake with strawberries

Kristin and me;)

Allison also made THIS cake, DE-LIC-IOUS

This is Allison, the mastermind behind the edible (and non-edible) art.  She was a life-saver in helping me, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I think Kristin got some pretty sweet and creative stuff at her shower. One thing is for sure though, whenever I have a kid I hope someone makes me a cake as scrumptious and pretty as that one!


Ben and Rachel said...

I'm so jealous you are in shorts and t shirts.

Kristin C said...
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Kristin C said...

yay! I'm having a baby! haha, that's crazy!

Allison said...

Stop it already! I'm blushing...