Monday, March 21, 2011

Sorry for the lack of blogging but...

We're in the process of moving so most of my time has been dedicated to packing, cleaning, and trying to get away from this apartment full of boxes! This is only part of one room, there's also the living room that's packed with bins, now that all my pictures and shelves are off the walls I feel like it's time to move on from this place, it no longer feels like home.
But come Wednesday we will be living here:

ps: the top two pictures were taken from the photo booth built-in camera on my new 27" imac. It's a thing of beauty:)

**just to set the record straight, my mother-in-law purchased this house but is unable to move in until she retires and sells her home in TN, so we're going to live there until we buy our own house later this year:)