Wednesday, May 16, 2012

6 months

DSC_7241 DSC_7268 

At 6 six months Tinley:
Weighs 15.0 lbs (still 50th percentile)
is 26 inches long (dropped from 75th to 50th percentile)
has eaten peas, carrots, spinach, green beans <- jar baby food/adult food ->plain baked potato, watermelon, and apple
drinks water from a sippy cup after long hot walks
has 1 tooth (but got her second 6 days later)
spits her tongue out at you and blows bubbles if you do it first, she'll go back and forth for a while
has had her first sleepover away from mom and dad (at mima and papa's house)
has had her first haircut, her two rattails are gone;(
Anytime you bring a spoon up to eat, if Tinley is sitting in your lap or really close, she opens her mouth the whole way up and looks a little disappointed when it goes to your mouth instead of hers
Had her first kiss (Dean Ririe)
Rolls and spins all over the place
Talks and sings a lot...and it's loud!
Has a fake cough she started doing a lot lately, hopefully it doesn't turn into anything!