Monday, December 26, 2011


Carleton decided to carve the scariest thin he could think of in our pumpkin this year...




...unfortunately nobody else got it...and by the time I took a picture of it it was a little wilted:(

Saturday before Halloween we went to a really fun party hosted by Ashley and Clyde Ward. We were running short on time and ideas for Halloween costumes especially since we didn't know if I'd still be pregnant or not. Carleton decided I could just wear a maternity shirt I already own and we'd make a shirt for him to go with it...


back rub

...I guess he dressed up as a pervert?

the wonderful hosts:)

Thanks, Wards for a great night!

On Halloween night we went to one of our favorite mexican restaurants with some friends. I was a little bummed thinking we'd miss all the trick or treaters in our neighborhood but luckily our neighborhood was still hoping at 8:45 and even later. We barely got the car parked when we had our first doorbell ring. We were two treats away from running out of candy!

love a fair

We love going to the North Carolina State fair every year. The NC State ice crem is always on the must buy list, no matter if it's hot or freezing. This year we ventured out and didn't get oreo....the chocolate peanut butter was still amazing though:)



Afterwards we picked out a pumpkin and went to my parents' house for a quick visit before going to the youth halloween dance. It was awesome but none of my girls went so Carleton made me leave...but not before we rocked out to the bieber dance!




PS this was about one week pre-Tinley:)