Monday, August 27, 2012

Tinley | 9 months

At 9 months Tinley:

- 17.3 lbs
- 28.25 inches long
- Takes between 4 and 6 steps on her own, but gets too excited and runs/falls forward into waiting arms:/
- Still prefers using fingers to walk around and would be happy doing that 15 hours a day.
- Kisses you on the mouth when you say "kiss"...or sometimes just smacks your mouth with her hands...
- Waves and says "hi" and sometimes "bye" (bah- southern little thing)
- Loves most solid foods, she can down a ton of cheerios! Still opens her mouth really wide for every bite.
- Tries taking the spoon to feed herself, I won't let her.
- Has quite the reach and a very fast spin while laying down or sitting on her bum but the second she gets to her knees she quits.
- Is very good at letting you know if she's done eating, see picture with her head turned down and away.
- Says dada or daddy ALL. THE. TIME.
- Is SOOOO ticklish.
- Has 8 teeth.
- Has the most exquisite fine motor skills (she has for a while, but I never mentioned it). She'll find a single strand of thread that's less than a quarter inch long and pick it up, or things the size of poppy seeds. She's nuts!
- Oh and she's learned how to throw her head back and have little tantrums...punk.

ASH_2390w DSC_1366w ASH_2393w ASH_2538_1w

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ugh I'm a slacker!

And a big part of that is because... ASH_2328 We bought a house. 

 It needs work, A LOT of work. It started out as a nice home, really...minus a few things. Like some home depot-orange walls, popcorn ceilings, and a pretty blah kitchen. We closed the last Friday in June and the next morning started ripping out the junk (read: carpet tiles with trash and debris covering the entire floor...yuck). We got a text from our realtor saying we hadn't "technically" closed yet, so we shouldn't make any major changes until it was legit. So come July 4th while others were at the pool and beach enjoying time off work, we were tearing out the floor, cabinets, countertops etc. I will be sure to post some before and after pictures, but for now, just sit tight. I'm too busy for that! ASH_2329

Tinley | 8 months


At 8 months, Tinley:

-Has 4 bottom teeth and two upper vampire teeth
-Has grown a bunch of hair, so much that you can't see any of her head
-LOVES to feed herself anything and everything
-Really likes puffs and most fruit and veggies, but not meat (we tried babyfood turkey mixed with veggies and she gagged)
-Still spins and rolls...or whines til you move her to get around, rather than crawling
-She will dig her face into the ground and pull up her knees and move them back and forth like she's crawling, but when she's up on her hands her legs are flat out, she's a nut.
-L-O-V-E-S to walk, if you reach out to pick her up she'll grab your fingers and pull herself up to walk around, which makes for a sore back for everyone who walks her
-Get's really excited to be on daddy's shoulders for a walk, we try to do that most evenings
-Says mama and dada (but mostly mama) a lot mixed with other sounds like nana and baba etc.
-Loves to pout out her bottom lip, suck in her top one, and stick her tongue out making lots of bubbles and sending spit flying.  She's a ham.
-And as always, is absolutely adorable:)

ASH_01732w She's the cutest vamp I've ever seen...and that's really saying something, have you seen the cast of Vampire Diaries? Sigh.