Monday, December 3, 2012


We were late getting our pumpkin this year, I kept hoping for free time on a Saturday so we could go as a family, alas Tinley and I went to a pumpkin patch when it was FREEZING to find the perfect pumpkin one day in the middle of the week. ASH_6025 ASH_6061 ASH_6058 The pumpkin had to meet a lot of being the "height and stability while leaning on it test" ASH_6039
 another being the taste test... :/ ASH_6027 ASH_6063 I made a little (I used a small headband but it was still too big for our little peanut) tutu so Tinley could be a bee for halloween. Carleton would be the farmer, I'd be his hunny, and she was the bee...cute right? Well, it got FREEZING so it didn't work out. We partially (as in not really at all) dressed up for trunk-or-treating the Friday night before Halloween, but come the night of the real deal, we wore what we'd been wearing all day, lame, I know. But Tinley's cuteness makes up for her parents lameness. Practicing giving out candy, this was her favorite part. When people would give her candy she'd dig back in to find it and give it back. Halloween As I said, I was totally planning on the Tinster being a bee, so when it was cold I last minute pulled out a costume I inherited from my sister. Tinley has some giraffe stuffed animals so I thought it'd be I was unzipping it to put it on her I realized it was size 0-3 months...hence the flood pants going on, sorry kid! 

Where's Waldo Tinley? ASH_6138 Trunk-or-Treat and leaving the house on Halloween Halloween4 While Trunk-or-Treating we had to go play/walk in the grass between every car AT LEAST once before going to the next car...needless to say we barely got around once. ASH_5585 ASH_5605 Fresh home from work Halloween2 ASH_6166 We LOVE our neighbors! Here is Debbie excited to see our little 'raffe:) Halloween3 On to the next house Halloween1 ASH_6194 ASH_6196 Meeting neighbors ASH_6221 Our pumpkins:) ASH_6248 ASH_6246 ASH_6124 Oh my gosh that little butt shaking and tail wagging, I CANNOT get enough of it.