Thursday, June 23, 2011


My friend, Lauren, put up a map of all the places she's visited or lived in in honor of the 4th of July, so I thought I would do the same. Mine is pitiful! BUT I will tell you all these places are places I've visited (or lived in) for more than just a few days, none of this "I remember driving through that place" so I'm sure there are actually more places. It's still kind of pathetic though!

visited 13 states (26%)

the boy:
visited 37 states (74%)

Carleton's is much more impressive!

And now it's time to pack for girls camp, I'll be there all week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it sad?

that I love the nursery better without a crib in it? It's so big, it covers up the pretty walls we spent so much time on and the color is just a little too light for my taste with the walls, I think it might clash. I feel like it needs to be either SUPER dark or really light. Once we have more stuff in there though I think I'll like it better...there isn't much in there fact just the crib, but I wanted to show what we've been working on the last week and a half. We didn't like the original white, so we painted a brighter one, then we thought the boards and wall looked dingy next to the chair rail so we painted it yet another white, all in all 3 different whites before we decided on the white it is now, who knew white would turn out to be the problem color!

Carleton has been amazing about putting crown molding in the ENTIRE house, he's quite handy with a miter saw (who knew!) and loves all the projects we've done to beautify the house. I haven't taken pictures of the other rooms because I feel like there's always ONE MORE THING I want to do (ie: living room, hang up-after we get it framed- our 15x30 eiffel tower picture). In our bedroom I want to hang up a couple things, including make a multi canvas piece of art and refinish all of our furniture black, but what we've done with our bedroom so far looks awesome! At least I think it does:) Maybe I'll put up the works in progress since that's what I'm doing with the nursery!

Starting out with nothing but some paint swatches in the corner:




Being Crafty

I LOVE being crafty. But I feel like it takes a lot of motivation, especially when you think about all the stuff you need to buy, pull out of bins, and then clean up afterwards. It's time consuming and messy. BUT when a couple friends decided to have a sewing party one day I was thrilled to be a part of it! After about 5 hours, no real pattern, and a very patient Sofia, I was finished with this beauty! Sofia "made up" this bag, she measured out some freezer paper and used a plate to round the edges, the rest was just different lengths/widths strips of fabric. How cool! I took a picture pretty much immediately after finishing it and only moved the essentials from my other purse, can you tell I'm pregnant? 3/4 of the pockets are full of food and drink....typical. The outside has a pocket on each end, one is meant for keys, the other a might turn out to be a bottle pocket though in a few months;) Thank you Meaghan for hosting and Sofia for teaching! I'm excited for this to become a regular occurrence:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day!

This Father's Day we went to Jes' house for a cookout with the fam. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful dad and a great husband who I know will be a fantastic dad to our little girl...and any other kids we have in the future!

Doesn't he look thrilled to be in a picture with me? I promise he really does like me. He even tells me he loves me several times a day, he just doesn't show it in pictures. Oh well, Carleton's first partial father's day is officially documented whether he likes it or not!
father's dayw

Happy (late) father's day to all the daddies and daddies to be out there!

And today marks week 20, halfway there!!!

We're having a...


My family and some of Carleton's family came in the day of our gender ultrasound for our gender reveal party. The day was SOOOO hot, mixed with a few random downpours here and there. Then I started getting everything ready too late and didn't get to get ready/dress cute like I wanted to. Oh well, it's not like I really wanted these pictures forever... :(

baby girl 18 weeks 2 days

about to cut into the frosting to see if we're having a boy or a girl!

rather than cutting a slice of cake, carleton opened the he new to life? cake cutting?

it's pink inside!


Thank you, Elizabeth for making such a cute and yummy cake!

Carleton making fun of the "preggie"

he's gonna be a great dad someday...

Visit to see the Connells

It's no secret, we really miss the Connells since they moved more than a mile away from us... WAY more than a mile away! Well fortunately we were able to go visit them for Annabelle's 1 year birthday party. Naturally, we had a great time! We miss ya'll and can't wait for a Charleston trip soon. YAY!

I mean really, can we ever take a normal picture together, husband?!

Aww, David. He's getting married next month!

After the party we went to the lake- cut me some slack I'm 4 months pregnant here. My dr. is from India and super dark, so I needed to get some sun on my tummy so I didn't blind her at my upcoming appointment;)
We knew we'd be outside for the party, walking around the zoo (or so we thought!), and going to the lake, so it was a no shower day for the Clauss fam:/

Oh man, I totally want one of these in our back yard!