Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visit to see the Connells

It's no secret, we really miss the Connells since they moved more than a mile away from us... WAY more than a mile away! Well fortunately we were able to go visit them for Annabelle's 1 year birthday party. Naturally, we had a great time! We miss ya'll and can't wait for a Charleston trip soon. YAY!

I mean really, can we ever take a normal picture together, husband?!

Aww, David. He's getting married next month!

After the party we went to the lake- cut me some slack I'm 4 months pregnant here. My dr. is from India and super dark, so I needed to get some sun on my tummy so I didn't blind her at my upcoming appointment;)
We knew we'd be outside for the party, walking around the zoo (or so we thought!), and going to the lake, so it was a no shower day for the Clauss fam:/

Oh man, I totally want one of these in our back yard!


Kristin C said...

aww, yay! This post makes me sooooo happy! Y'all can come visit ANYTIME!!!!!!!! I love you and miss you SOOOOO much!