Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Challenge day 9

Someone you love:

Although it may not be his real smile at least he's not hiding from the camera! I got this shot by asking him to sit in a place where my clients would be...sucker;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clauss House Projects

We've (mostly Carleton) been fairly busy working on projects around the house. What we thought would be a 5 day thing, tops, turned into a couple weeks...let's start at the beginning. Carleton pulled the toilet up in the master bathroom then saw it was leaky and black underneath. Great. That meant the flooring had to get ripped out, Phillip came over and worked his magic (no idea what happened except it was pretty loud and some of the floor was replaced, end result: no more mold, we can start the project again). Carleton eventually got the rest of the flooring done and was able to tile most of the floor while I was at my shower in Greensboro. Way to go, honey! The first picture shows how much he'd done before I left for the shower and Auxilary training that morning. I was gone from about 8:00am to 5:00pm.


And the mostly final product...of course we cleaned the thinset off the baseboard and had to put quarter round around the entire thing along the baseboards.

Needless to say, I'm very happy I no longer have to walk all the way down the hall to the guest bathroom 6 times/night to pee!

This past Saturday we worked on lots of projects, one of which being this:

Staining the back porch. I actually did most of it, but Carleton started and finished it.

Baby Showers!

I had three wonderful baby showers thrown for me in Chapel Hill and Greensboro by 8 incredible women.

First baby shower and the lovely hosts:


Lana made this delicious cake:

I requested to have the same one from our reception in TN because it was amazing!

I had to guess how much each of the items in the basket cost, I was closest on ONE item. It was a little embarrassing.




My mom made this little diaper motorcycle thing, it was cute:)

Second baby shower (milk and cookies theme) and the beautiful girls who threw it:


Talk about your variety of cookies!



And what's a milk and cookies party without cute straws for the milk! They had regular and chocolate milk and pink lemonade to drink!
cookie showerw

I loved the banner that Kathryn made of the progress pictures throughout my pregnancy, I wish I would've taken a better picture of it...I thought I did. I will, eventually!

...we had fruit too:)

Three pregnant women: Me (yikes-note to self: don't curl hair and/or wear sweaters while pregnant if it's not freezing outside-you get hot/sweaty and therefore look ugly!) Heather (who has since had her baby) and Hayley (due three days after me!)


And the last but certainly not least baby shower:

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the host (or any other people for that matter, myself included) at this one, but Jess and Allison did a fantastic job. The decorations were beautiful, the food was tasty, and the games were fun! The theme was "She's about to POP!" hence the cheesecake "pops" on top of the cake, popcorn kernal guessing game, and other "pop" themed white chocolate popcorn with m&ms...yum.


Allison's famous chocolate/raspberry cake:



The game table:



Looking at theses pictures make me HUNGRY, all the food was AMAZING! I loved all the details in each of the showers. I know they each worked so hard making everything perfect and I appreciate it so much!

A HUGE "thank you" to my mom, Jesica, Lana, Christal, Kathryn, Becca, Jess, and Allison for all the work you did! Thank you also to all those who came!

Photo Challenge Day 8

A bad Habit:


If you asked my husband (and others) they would say that I'm CRAZY for wearing heels such as these at 8.5 months pregnant. What can I say, I'm a heel kind of gal.

PS- Carleton would also say that crying sobbing at random times is a bad (yet hysterical) habit at the moment too.

Youth Conference

Carleton and I chaperoned the 10-stake youth conference held at ECU this year. It was CRAZY hot (as in over 100 degrees every single day) but it was incredible. The speakers, the performers, and the youth were all amazing! We're so glad we got to go be a part of it. I was waiting to do this post until we got a picture of our group (family) and I'm happy to report Kyle came through! Thanks, Kyle;)


I love these pictures:

I was looking at this picture (right) that Aja took and it reminded me of another from two months before we got engaged. I love how they're almost identical down to the placement of my hand and my fingernail polish! And no, that was not planned.

While we were dancing I looked around and these two people were taking pictures of Carleton and me with their disposable camera...I'd never seen them before, glad we're that awkward "short girl/tall guy" couple that gets made fun of and random pictures taken of! I never thought that would be me.

HE thinks he's so funny:

Carleton telling our group he doesn't think this activity will work:

Part of our family:

all of our family!

My crazy swollen feet/ankles:

luckily they were back to normal by Monday morning.

And the Bieber dance... we were actually really good at it, we just got a little thrown off by the pressure of the camera, and we started in the middle instead of the beginning...then I tried getting creative at the end, we should've just done it how we always did, oh well.

Harry Potter

We went to see Harry Potter on opening night, it did not disappoint! Carleton met us (Jes, Phillip, Weston, and myself) at dinner. When he walked into the restaurant he was wondering who this girl staring at him was and thought "my pregnant wife will not be happy this chick keeps staring at me"...a minute later he realized it was me. I guess he forgot I'd gotten bangs the day before!

This is actually the better of the two pictures...he was pretending to sneeze in this picture, so I took his head off the other one where he wasn't ready for the picture. The things I have to go through to get a picture. That's why we have so few of the two of us together...well few considering how many things we do that I'd like to document!