Thursday, January 14, 2010

A night with the Kiddos!

Jesica and Phillip wanted to have a nice, quiet night together, go on a date or just be together. Well the last time they tried to take such a night, my parents volunteered to take the kids. That was the last time Taylor ended up in the ER because before Jes and Phillip left, she tripped over Talan and hit her face on the fireplace ledge, busting through her lip and needed stitches.

This time we said we'd take them and made sure not to have any episodes like that. They came over and the first day we fed the ducks and geese, went to the playground, built forts, watched movies, had a great dinner, and just played.

That night Taylor slept with us...we tried moving her to the pack n play three times, she freaked out each time. After attempt number three she slept with one eye open. Anytime we would nudge her she'd start freaking out because she thought we were trying to move her (which we might have been). Carleton thought I was hogging the bed because he was almost to the edge, he turned over and saw me on the opposite side, edge of the bed, Taylors head on me and her feet on him. He decided to move the remaining two inches he had but that woke her up and she immediately stretched farther until she found him and pushed against him with her feet. I think she was just trying to make sure she knew where we both were at all times so she wouldn't be moved. Well since neither of us were sleeping I had the urge to get up and go to the bathroom; however, Carleton had been the one to attempt putting Tay in her bed so when I put her down she didn't want to be with just him, she thought he'd try again so she screamed. So there I lay for the next few hours (Carleton ended up going to the living room to sleep on the floor next to the kid who were on the air mattress, he didn't sleep either) unable to move or get out of bed. Our routine in the morning is typically wake up and eat within 20-30 minutes of getting up, having been awake for so long my stomach and head started hurting because I felt like I was STARVING. When she finally woke up for good that morning it was a relief to be able to get up, move, and EAT!

The rest of the day consisted of more playground time, playing with dominoes, and the girls taking pink princess bubble baths.

It was a fun weekend but Carleton and I definitely needed a nap that afternoon!


Doreen said...

IMPRESSIVE!! THREE kids? You guys are practically professionals now.