Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 months


At three months:
Weighs 12 lbs. (with diaper and fleece outfit on)
Blows bubbles all day
Continues to love lights and noise, particularly Carleton's singing
Drools more than she did at two months
Smiles when you talk to her
Can't get her to stop smiling in the morning even if you tried! (but who would do that!)
Had her first cold- SO sad:(
Discovered she can breathe through her nose thanks to her cold
Generally sleeps 6-hr stretches at night, also courtesy of her cold messing up her sleep pattern
Went from sucking her entire fist (minus pinky) to just her pointer finger
Started biting (was NOT happy when she chomped down on her finger)
Started balding on the back of her head from constant rubbing her head back and forth:(
Rolls over (on Feb 29th, so it's closer to 4 months)
Grabs her hair and ears
Rubs her ears and when tired, her eyes
Kicks all the time, like she's running in place
Sits in the bumbo
HATES tummy time
becoming more independent


RT and M said...

That picture is great. And her hair is incredible!