Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Duke home game

So despite my love for Carolina basketball and dislike for Duke basketball, Carleton took me to some games at Cameron indoor this season... I have since learned a few things...

1. Sadly I now can name and point out more Duke players than UNC players:(
2. Cameron Crazies and all the other fans can be huge jerks
3. I still really really really don't like Coach K
4. As much as I hate to admit it, a live Duke game is more fun to attend than a live Carolina game.  The crowd, the bouncing, the crazy towel guy, the closeness, the heat, it all adds up to a more intense experience.
5. Camping for tickets is fine, sounding a horn/alarm at all hours of the night and morning is not fine. Nobody has gone, it just ticks people off, some people have school and work and need sleep!  I guess misery loves company.
6. But lastly and most importantly I still am and always will be a Tarheel!

Things I really don't like about duke basketball...

when the fans heckle and are mean to the other team.  They do this pretty much right in their face, they're practically touching the players when they run by or throw the ball in after a foul.
 My view being blocked by this fro, so annoying.

here's my favorite things about attending Duke Basketball games, most of these you wouldn't see if you're not there...

Blue Devil surfing across the band students, they go pretty much the length of the floor, it's fun to watch them get up after they've been "surfed" over and throw their bodies on the floor at the end of the line to do it all over again..over and over again.

Krzyzewski's Chefs- there's always a group of "chefs" typically with cooking tools pinned all over them in the front of one of the student sections

The most recognizable fan: the crazy towel guy-he's had season tickets for the past 27 years, he's there every game and all the students start chanting "crazy towel guy", when they get loud enough he stands and swings his towel.  

*It was a fun season, but I'm glad Roy's boys were able to pull out a W over the devils both games this season! How bout them heels?!


Lauren Darlene said...

I would agree, the Cameron Stadium is a fun experience and the crazy towel guy is fun to watch. My season ticket seats were right next to his last year, he was a riot. And I love the light blue hoodie, not Carolina blue, but at least it is not duke blue. :-)

e & d said...

I'm glad he hasn't converted you, i was worried! :)