Monday, March 2, 2009

Love my Husband

So, my poor husband was sick...really sick-I mean coughing up blood, no appetite, barely able to get out of bed, really high fever for days kind of sick.  BUT despite how awful he was feeling he still wanted to make our valentine's day nice.  Since he didn't have an appetite we decided to wait to go to a really nice restaurant, I still got roses, we still had a nice dinner out, and he gave me one or maybe five of his famous massages!  He even watched Gidget with me.  Seriously-what a trooper!   Our valentines day turned into a valentines week full of surprises!  Here's a salute to Carleton for being so great and going the extra mile when he can barely walk!


Lauren Darlene said...

I am glad it was a fun week. Carleton does a nice job with giving flowers.

Ben and Rachel said...

Cute! What a sweet hubby. I'm glad he's treating you right. I bet he doesn't even make you wash your feet before you get into bed :)

clauss house said...

he is sweet...and nope-to this day you're the only one who has a "must wash your feet before entering the bed" rule love you girl, can't wait to see you soon!