Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A house divided, but not a home

Last fall Carleton camped out for a few days to get his name put in a pot for Duke basketball tickets.  He (and most of the guys that camped with him) was lucky enough to get a ticket to several games including the Duke v. Carolina game!  Although he already had a ticket, he wanted a better seat, so he and a few of his friends decided to camp out.  Me being the kind loving wife that I am decided even though I don't like duke, and I was rooting for the other team, I do love my husband and I'd camp out with him.  So the night before the game we had the ....opportunity (ha) to stand in line for a couple hours to wait to get inside only to wait for another hour and a half to hear Coach K.  I thought to myself, hey this might be a turning point in my life-no I wouldn't turn to a Duke fan, but I might gain some respect for Coach K.  His speech started out pretty good, and my hopes were high, until he dropped the F bomb and started cussing like it was going out of style.  It was all downhill from there.  We had to sit through 4 assistant coaches give little speeches, one of which felt like a talk in Sacrament meeting, in fact, Carleton's friend, John said he felt like he was supposed to say "amen" at the end of it too.  That was probably the highlight of the night believe it or not.  Just incase sleeping outside where there's a lot of lights on and a bunch of people chanting "Go to H*** Carolina go to..."  wasn't bad enough, they had  to play rap/hip hop/and other obnoxious music really loud on what sounded like some pretty nice club speakers til 2am.  To make matters worse they blow a horn/siren thing randomly throughout the night, it started at 5pm and didn't stop until 6:45 the next morning.  Every time the siren went off Carleton would have to get out of the tent, put his shoes on and run to the table to sign-in, guess who got no sleep that night and left for work at 7 that morning...yeah that would be me, and where did I get to watch the game? 

That's right, by myself in the living room on our high quality TV...and where did Carleton get to watch the game?

mhmm he was number 75 to get into the game which equals...awesome seats (a few feet away from Bill Cowher-the coach who won a superbowl with the steelers for all you gals out there like me who didn't know he was)

The end result: Carolina whooped Duke, but Ashley was a very good sport and didn't make any snide comments, in fact she was asleep by the time Carleton got home and said nothing of the game the next morning.  Carleton got sick and Ashley didn't see him once when he wasn't in bed until Saturday, which by the way he was still sick then-yes our first valentine's day together.  But lastly and most importantly, our house is not divided anymore...at least until March 8th when they play again!


Lauren Darlene said...

What a gem you are ash. I don't think I would be to happy to camp out with all night on a duke sidewalk. haha Your such a trooper. oh and WAY TO GO CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!

Connell wife said...

I still can't believe you really slept in the tent and then watched the game at your house! You are the sweetest wife ever!