Monday, February 2, 2009

We have the sweetest backyard ever!

Carleton sharing his life story with the geese...
The first time he did this one jumped up to get it, it was awesome but I didn't get it on camera, so I had him try again, the second time the goose was tired of being teased, so it left, this one reached until it got it- they're so cute!
This picture is really cool because I'm throwing the piece of bread and you can see it in mid air right before he caught it!
I think it's our goal to always have a smooching picture for every entry we make;)

Whenever Carleton and I make hot chicken sandwich for dinner we always have a lot of bread left over (you cut off the crust before you bake it) so we feed it to the geese that live in the pond behind our apartment.  Carleton did it the first time and I must admit, I was a little jealous so this time I was home so I went with him.  IT WAS SOOOO COOL!  As soon as they saw us coming they started swimming towards us at a leisurely pace...the second they saw me throw a piece of bread, they flocked to us.  At first I was throwing it but Carleton said make them come to me and they'd eat it right out of my hand.  He got a good picture of me jumping in mid air, it startled me!   We can't wait to bring Kaylee and Talan over to feed them with us, I think they'll love it, but like their aunt, might be a little startled at first.