Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Starburst Bowling!

Ben's: the bum bump
and the almost kiss...sorta

Friday night was yet another fun double-date night!  We started out at the theater with my parents, we saw was SOOO good, if you like non-stop action, it's a must see.  Then we bought some starbursts and headed to Mardi Gras for some bowling festivities.  We met our friends Ben and Kristin there.  On a side note, I used to love bowling; however, I went to BYU-Idaho.  Going to BYU-Idaho, lots of guys ask you out, more than half of them think that bowling is an idea that's all their own so you end up bowling 3-4 times a week with a new guy each time and his "unique" idea.  What's more annoying about this?  I'm still just as bad even with all the "practice" I got in college.  Before you think I'm a complete Debbie downer and knocking all those poor boys down, I had a change of night I agreed to go on a date with another "original" guy (original because he wanted to do what? bowl!).  Turns out he was a professional, of course, but to even the playing field he brought a bag of starbursts.  The rules: each person take a color starburst and choose their "style" of bowling for it, then before every turn you have to close your eyes and draw a starburst and bowl in whatever style you'd chosen depending on the color starburst.  Ben: Red- ball on ground, hit ball with butt (this one hurt a few times); Kristin: Green (she could remember everyone's but hers)-bowl between your legs any way you choose; Carleton: Blue- stand backwards and on opposite dominant leg using dominant hand; Ashley: Pink (duh)- spin three times and hold ball in opposite dominant hand; Group: Orange- hold ball however you can with your hands in fists (mostly we just cradled it and let it roll down our arms).  The group picture is each of us doing our style bowling.  What a fun date, if any of you are like me and are all bowled out or you just want to level the playing field (ie: my pro brother and my not so pro sister) get a bag of starbursts (or M&Ms) and head to the bowling alley!