Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Belated Birthdays!

Kaylee's bday 
Mom's bday dinner
someone in our family likes chocolate cake
ok we all do, but none of us get as messy eating it as this little miss!
Karl's bday, Lana made DELICIOUS, thick, and moist brownies, but the candles were put in Elsa's (non dairy) ice cream sandwhich
she was quite content with it!

There have been a lot of birthdays in the family recently so I'm gonna do a quick catch up.  Kaylee turned 5 in July, then my mom turned 50 in August!  August has always been a busy month (as far as birthdays go) for me.  My mom, and several good friends have birthdays in August, and now there's a few more...Caroline was born in August, hence the reason we went to Tennessee a few weeks ago, as an added bonus we got to celebrate Karl's 30th birthday with him while there!

And this is not a family member, but she had a birthday in August as well.  On Monday I took her pictures and she was just too cute to pass up posting a picture:)