Friday, April 2, 2010

Did I say Happy Spring?

I meant Happy April Fools Day:) After the phone calls and e-mails I received, I figured I'd just throw it out there that yes, that was a joke. But hey I did give you a lot of clues, the random "South Cobb" OBGYN, anyone from around here should know it would probably read UNC or Duke or something like that, and the date...2007, yes all of this was on purpose. I wanted to have a little fun on the holiday since I seem to always be the one suckered, so I decided hey why not; however, I did not want to get the rumor mill too carried away for those who might not check back to see my follow-up post (hence the subtle clues). My mom asked me a few weeks ago if I was pregnant because she'd heard from a few people, who had heard from several people, so again, no, just to dispel any rumors:)

PS- I was about to be REALLY sad if people started commenting, "I thought I noticed a baby bump" or "I totally called it when I saw you last", then the joke would've totally been on me. So thank you for not posting those kinds of comments;)

And because I find it impossible to post without a picture, here's one of Weston, I haven't posted on either blog yet.


Ben and Rachel said...

Funny funny joke! Sad I missed it. I would have FREAKED!

Allison said...

So squishy.... so yummy... I fear that one day I'm going to be in a court of law defending myself with the words, "I had to do it because she was so delicious! Anyone would have done the same thing!"