Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Our next stop was Geneva, Switzerland. The train ride from France to Switzerland had the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen in my life, it looked like some ideal painting. I told Carleton I'd love to stay in southern France in a place like that, he informed me that it's probably 50 miles to the nearest grocery store or anything else. Darn, maybe not. We only spent a day in Geneva (it is quite expensive) but we saw a good bit and had a taste of some typical swiss foods. We walked all over downtown Geneva and sat on the water's edge feeding the swans and ducks while enjoying the beautiful scenery and cool water on our feet next to Geneva's most famous monument, the Jet d'eau, which is the world's tallest water fountain.

The water was beautiful and with the swans and boats it was very picturesque.

I had no idea swans were so big, or maybe it's just something in the water there, because I'm pretty sure I've seen swans in real life before and they weren't that big. Can you see all the little fishies in there too?

We had dinner at a nice place called Les Armures, it's one of the most recommended places to go. It's in downtown Geneva (we were walking up and down all sorts of steep hills to find it). Several famous people have supposedly been there, Clinton is the one who comes to mind, but I was only half paying attention...when you find out it costs you $6.50 for a bottle of water, and $27 for a sausage you kind of get sidetracked with what other people are saying at the moment. Carleton got the sausage with hashbrown type potatoes and I got the Raclette which came with two small boiled potatoes and melted cheese on top. Apparently that is a common dish there and we were trying to be authentic:)

Our hotel was REALLY nice, the swiss know how to make comfortable beds and everything that goes on them! We wish we could've had that as our hotel everywhere we went.

*We didn't try any chocolate while there, but we bought a couple bars for family...after we got home and we snuck a bite after they'd opened it we were both (and still are) REALLY REALLY sad we didn't buy 50 of them. No wonder the swiss consume the most chocolate in the world, (as told by a French woman who lives in Switzerland, she had all sorts of interesting facts and was very good at French, Italian, and English!) if our chocolate tasted like that, I would eat it 24/7 if I don't already;)