Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I LOVED Venice, it was one of my favorite stops on our trip, had it not been for Tuscany, it probably would've been my favorite. Everywhere you go, you have to travel by some sort of boat, we always took the Ferry (it's sort of like a boat metro) whenever we had to get to a different island. The idea of gondolas is very romantic, the reality is everyone is leaning over the bridges, walkways, ferries taking pictures of you, I bet if you tried to sneak in a kiss 60 people would capture it on camera. Plus they're expensive like 80 euros which is around $105 USD, for 40 minutes.
So we decided to do other things with our money like go to Murano and buy handmade glass. First, we watched a couple guys make it, which was really really cool. Then we went to all the little shops on the island and bought a few things. Every year we try to have an ornament that symbolizes something special to us, so this year we bought a really pretty handmade, glass ornament from Murano. It symbolizes a lot...Carleton finishing law school and him getting a job, the end of one chapter, the start of another (the whole reason we went on this "bar trip") as well as our big, fun thing we did for the year and in one of our favorite places...not like I didn't LOVE the bahamas in January:)

Our hotel had a private beach, but we were too busy doing other things to go to any beaches, plus one of the days was pretty rainy. We went to all the famous "must see" places like St. Mark's square, and St. Peter's Basilica but we also went places where we were practically the only ones in sight. Like this little gem of an alley:


In my opinion that was WAY better than feeling like a cow being herded through the crowds. We didn't know where we were going most of the time, but that was half the fun of it. We always made it back to our hotel on Lido eventually! The vibrant colors of the buildings and water are just two of several things that make this place so beautiful to me.

Little photo op at sunset:
DSC_3995Another place we went where we were practically the only ones there was the church of San Giorgio Maggiore. We went to the top of that too to take in the view:

Next stop, Florence.