Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do I look proud?

Do I look proud of the little heart wreath I just finished? Because I AM!

Photo 9

*edits to the tutorial, I got a smaller wreath, I think, about the length of my head or so, it was the "medium" heart at hobby lobby. It was much thinner than I would have thought from the tutorial pictures. I only bought 1/8 of a yard and have some left over and I think my circles were a little smaller (maybe). If you do any of these fun tutorials I'd love to see links to them!

More V-day crafts coming soon!


Brent and Lauren said...

You are too cute and I am so going to make one of my own now! Love the crafty Ash!

Jenna said...

sooooo cute! i love it!

Keith and Christina Collins said...

So I think I may need to make one too!!

Ben and Rachel said...

Love it!...and thanks for the info! It turned out pretty cute :)