Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 months



Mommy: What does a bunny look like?
Tinley: Well it hops like this and has two big front teeth like this!


At 5 months Tinley...

Can sleep through the night, but generally wakes up once to eat.
Rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back, any direction, but still prefers back to tummy rolling towards the left.
Eats oatmeal, she had rice cereal first but we haven't tried it since the week she turned 4 months. She eats it much thicker now and is good about opening her mouth leaning in to the spoon, closing her mouth, swallowing and keeping it all in!
Growls, my mom says if I keep growling at her she'll do the same thing, turns out, she was right.
Says "mom" "mama", and "mommy" a lot...but mainly when she's crying
Seldom says daDAAAA
Chats with us
Has put her toes in the sand and feet in the ocean!
Sleeps on her belly
Grabs her toes
Arches her back to get out of bouncy seats and her car seat before you have time to strap her in.
LOVES her exersaucer and her Lamaze horse.
Pulls her paci out all the time- so annoying.
Continues to like holding on to something (especially fingers) while she sleeps.
Stands in Carleton's hands for about 45 seconds at a time.
Loves the Frosted Mini Wheats cereal box- she uses it as a punching bag- weird, I know.
Has a rat tail on each end of the back of her head.

One day she might kill me for posting this goober picture of her, but I had to, she looks so dorky:)



Hollywood said...

such a cutie!

Kristin C said...

OH, my goodness! What a cutie!