Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bummin' at the Beach!

The parents enjoying the beach
I know this isn't the typical cutesy picture, but Taylor is obsessed with putting shoes on her arms lately, she'll put her arms through flip flops and if she can't do it she'll hand it to you to help her, this goes on for quite some time.  It doesn't slow her down a bit, she'll still play in the sand, crawl around, whatever with them on!
Who is that all fuzzed out back there? 
Oh it's Carleton and Kaylee!

Busted, papa!
Dancin' in the moonlight! (I'm signing that song as I type this)
Carleton was good enough to take a picture of me too so I could add myself in since there was nobody else on the beach to take a group picture!
The Bush Bunch
love him!

We went to the beach for a few days to just get away, it was SUPER windy, but nice!  I'd been wanting to get some good silhouette shots for a while but was always too surrounded by trees to get anything, so I told my mom and she said we don't have those good sunsets here that I'd shown her in pictures (maybe that's because they were taken in San Diego, yeah...I felt dumb).  So the first night I missed the sunset totally, Carleton got in late that night and said "dear, being on the east coast you want the sunrise!"  Hmm ok, so we go to bed, I wake up at 2, 3 something, 4, and 5, I kept freaking out telling Carleton we missed the sunrise, apparently we had a light right outside our room, but to appease me he got up with me at 5:30 to go outside for pictures.  We walked the beach for a while and I kept thinking it's way too bright out here, the sun is totally already up (somewhere).  Then I saw some pink on one side, and he kept insisting that it was only because there were a bunch of clouds by us and that all the clouds broke over there...he thought about that for a few minutes as it remained grey and cloudy over us.  All of a sudden he had one of those "aha moments".  He said we were the first beach to curve south rather than being on the East so we weren't going to get any good sunrise pictures...we went back to bed at 6:30.  That night the boys went to Shallotte to see Star Trek while the girls stayed back and made cupcake pops!  We went to church on Sunday in a garage...it was different, I got pictures to prove it in case people didn't believe me!  They have such a cute little town called Southport we walked the docs, ate our ice cream, and had a blast!
All weekend Carleton tried catching crabs with no success, he was put to shame when he found out that Phillip and Kaylee caught like 5!   My poor husband:)  

For more pictures from the beach check out my other blog acpictureplace.blogspot.com
P.S. Carleton got to go to the beach with his family last weekend (so jealous) and caught some crabs (5 I think!)....he even has a cut on his finger to prove that he caught one and the crab cut him in return.  

I stayed home while my friend came into town for the weekend and I had an engagement shoot Friday, and two weddings that weekend!  I've been busy busy, hence the slacking in my blog, sorry!


Ben and Rachel said...

ASH! these pics are so cute. I can't wait for our family beach trip now! only 5 more days! It will be a quick trip, but maybe we'll be able to see each other?