Sunday, May 10, 2009

Congrats, boys!

Kristin is quite the multi-tasker she can chat on the phone and write at the same time.  We had A LOT more icing than we originally thought we had so we kept adding more to it...
and more
and more-hey what's the harm in a few sprinkles?
Notice the Carolina & Duke blue?
Their first peak at the cake, they're so impressed!
Apparently Ben made a gesture or something to Kristin and she gave him a sexy look in return, I missed the memo on that one. 
This took a couple tries, but hey we had to get a group shot!

While our husbands have been spending every waking hour, minute, and it feels like second studying for their finals, Kristin and I have been a little bored to say the least.  For the past several months we've done something with them at least once a week but usually 2 or 3; however, the past couple weeks we've seen each other just in passing at church.  Well we decided before they left for Brazil for two weeks and Carleton moved to Charlotte that we'd have a last little hoorah.  So we did what any good wives would do- we made cake and celebrated the husbands and all the hard work they've been doing!  We got together on Wednesday night (while the boys were studying) to decorate the cake then on Thursday we had a mexican themed night...well sort of.  We went to Bandidos for dinner had some delicious cake and played mexican train.  Ben's winning streak where he whoops us every time we play is officially over, I'm pretty sure I spanked everyone at Mexican Train;)  


KLC said...

wow...that is one scary picture of me. I love our cake!