Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quite the "Memorial"able day...and weekend

So Friday....

5:00 get off work - no gas in the car, do I think I can make it to Mebane on "E"? I'm gonna go for it!
5:30 get to Mebane- FILL UP ON GAS 31 dollars and change
5:35 meet the couple we're doing engagements pictures for
5:45 start shooting
9:00 wrap up shooting race home to see my husband!
9:30 Call husband to come outside so he can join me in picking up some taco bell for dinner.
10:00 get home/Lauren and Christian arrive
11:30 Husband passes out
1:30 (I guess this is technically Saturday) Ashley goes to bed

Rather than doing an hour by hour of the rest of the weekend I'll do a reader's digest...Saturday we got up, fed the ducks and geese (including a bunch of WAY cute gosling...I think that's what they're called) from our porch went to the gym then hauled butt to shower so we could meet Carleton's family for breakfast at 1:00 (I know-brunch?)  I was bummed I couldn't go to the beach but so glad I got to see some of the fam for a little while.  Then I realized I hadn't started my bread so we rush back to my place (Lauren and me) to start my bread before heading to the mall.  The rest of the day consisted of going to the pool more feeding baby geese and ducks before all the big geese saw me and came running up so I shut my door (sorry guys I had to get ready for the wedding!)  Then I shot some reception pictures, while at the reception I had this massive flash on that hinders you from getting to close to the camera and being able to move your lens while holding this 20 pound thing (I don't know exactly how much it weighs, but it's huge and HEAVY).  I bumped myself in the face with it, not hard, but it really hurt like it shocked me super bad.  A few minutes later Amy asked if I'd hit myself in the face, I told her what happened and she said, "oh, cuz you have blood running down your face".  Nice.  I clean myself up and after the festivities head over to Christian's house to watch a movie with Lauren and Holly!  ok the pizza was delicious, I definitely way over ate my fill of that and cookies.  

Moving on to Sunday...
I hadn't prepared my lesson for my ten year olds yet (bad Ashley) so I had to do that that morning.  When I got to church this couple spoke and they both gave REALLY wonderful talks- I even took notes which I NEVER EVER do.  I had to leave church a little early for another wedding.  I know I know, priorities, but I agreed to this wedding back in January or February before I even knew it was on a Sunday (or a holiday weekend).  I shot the groom and the groomsmen who were such a trip, it was a great wedding, everybody looked awesome, I loved the groom's get-up.  Another late night.  P.S. that's the night the toilet got clogged for the first time, and we didn't have a plunger-I called my dear husband freaking out and asked where one was, he said I could put a bag over my hand and I said I'd wait til the morning.  I went to bed around 2 that night probably.

Last but certainly not least, for the plunger-Kroger? No. Harris Teeter? No. Target? Yes, for $17.00.  Lauren was smarter than me, she went to the bathroom at Kroger, I insisted on getting a plunger quickly and using my bathroom, unfortunately I couldn't get it unclogged.  I did try several times when the nasty water was down really low, nearly over flowing, and every level in between.  I almost puked several times, and that's hard to get me to gag (unless you're a dentist trying to take x-rays of my teeth).  Yes I got splashed, yes I was grossed out and no, I never got it unclogged, I had to wait for Carleton to get home to unclog it around 4 or 5.  In the meantime some friends came over and we went to my pool.  While on my float it started sprinkling.  I thought, hey this will pass, I'll just stick it out.  I was wrong.  VERY wrong.  Two boys probably under the age of 12 thought this was a great time for them to grab my float and start pulling me all over the pool and rocking my float, etc.  I was trying to hold on to the side of the pool, the pole for the ladder, ANYTHING. I kept asking them to leave me alone and stop touching me, that didn't work, they'd push my float from one end to the other.  Finally it started raining like CRAZY and the rain was freezing so i swam (mostly on my float) as fast as I ever have in my life.  I run out throw my raft on some of the chairs and join everyone who is smarter than me standing under the umbrella.  Well the rain gets worse and getsthe table under the umbrella soaked so we stand inside.  The kids (along with the parents are in there by this point as well).  Lauren took a picture, the mother of one of the kids said "hey where ya'll from-get a picture with two crazy black boys", so they get in the picture, then she puts both my floppy brim hats on them!  Hello, manners people!  So the kids ask if they can use my raft when it cleared up, I said no, sorry I'll be using it when it clears up.  I go to the bathroom quick, come out and they're both toppling all over it jumping on it bending it in half (I'm gonna be ticked if I find a hole!) I had to ask them several times (after Christian already had) to give it to me cuz we were leaving they said they were swimming with it-I'm sorry, but it's MY RAFT!  Wack-e six was much more tame than this.  Then my husband came home, hallelujah!  Even it was only for a few hours.  We got to enjoy a 15 minute nap, some dinner and dessert at Johnny Carinos and that's about it:(  The rest of the day was rather uneventful (thank goodness!) I picked Kristin up from the airport and last time it was very eventful, I cried last time, ha.  When I got home that night after volleyball there was brown and red chunks floating in my sink, I had deja vu of the clogged toilet and I instantly had to walk away for a few minutes or I was going to throw up for sure.  Turns out it was mushy bread, pepperoni, and sausage from pizza, but man oh man did it rub me the wrong way!  I cloroxed my whole kitchen and bathroom that night while I waited for Lauren to come home.  I didn't get to bed as early as I would've liked and my phone was dead (and still is two days later because Carleton has my charger) but luckily Lauren's phone worked to make sure I could get up for work on time!  

That's PRETTY MUCH the extent of the weekend, but as you can see my memorial day weekend was very "memorial"able!


Lauren Darlene said...

Ash, I truly love how long your readers digest version is.

jlynngm said...

Hey you!:) Way cute pictures! I'll have to post pictures of my new haircut. It's way short, and way cute!:) You're a awesome photographer by the way. Keep it up!