Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big News

Does anyone know what this is a picture of?

Any takers on where it's located?
If you guessed the reception site for the wedding I most recently shot, well you'd be correct.

If you guessed the building Carleton will be working in as a brand spanking new attorney come September 1st, well you'd also be correct.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Carleton got an offer and much to my parents' liking, it's located in Greensboro, NC.

In other news, there is somewhat of a countdown going on for us.
*10 more days of work for me (last day is July 30th)
*13 more days until Carleton takes the bar (don't remind him it's less than two weeks away!)
*20 days until we leave for Paris
*40 days until we return from Rome (We're spending 3 weeks in Europe...France, Switzerland, and Italy)
*39 days until our lease runs out at our apartment
*42 (or 43) days until we fly to Utah (EXTREMELY jet-lagged and sick of traveling) to attend our friends' wedding.

Anything you're counting down?


Danielle said...

Yay you will be even closer to my house in NC! Def. need some ashley time when i come home in oct!! Maybe we can squeeze in a photo shoot of Tristan and the baby! That would be fun!

Kolste said...

well we are extremely excited for you guys and even more sad that we will not be here for the wedding!! Im still crossing my fingers there will be a way!! We'd love to see you guys and will just miss the wedding my like 3 days!

Ben and Rachel said...

Hooray for all the GREAT news! Congrats on everything. Might as well add this... 294 days until bebe Clauss arrives (approx.)

Totally joking. Love you!

Anna said...

Congrats guys!! Wonderful news that you accepted this offer, and congrats Ashley on your last day of work!