Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The week of my 23rd birthday was full of surprises.  Carleton made me breakfast in bed, left flowers on my car at work (which got a lot of boys in trouble with their wives when they unexpectedly showed up and said "how come you never do that for me?"), surprised me by showing up at work and waiting for me in the parking lot, took me to dinner, gave me multiple massages (which is a normal occurrence anyway-what a great husband I have), and we had a great birthday dinner with my family.  Then on my actual birthday he had a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers sent to me at work, made me a birthday cake (all by himself), took me to firebirds, which is my favorite restaurant, got me a nice pillow because I always take his, and again gave me a great massage.  He did so much that I'm wondering if I missed anything....thank you, Carleton for being a wonderful and very loving husband!


e & d said...

Yay! I'm glad to see your breakfast in bed tray in use! Happy New Year, hope to see y'all soon!