Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ok now you can call us Claus...

We celebrated Christmas a little different this year.  We did the Condie Christmas Dinner in Charlotte the Sunday before Christmas, then we had our families personal Christmases (Carleton got me the robe from our honeymoon!) before heading to my parents house.  We had a big brunch then Carleton, my dad, the kiddos, and me took a little nature walk behind our house.  After that we went shooting, I cleaned my gun for the first time, we learned how to disassemble it completely, it was enlightening.  Then we gathered back to my parents house and had a nice dinner.  My favorite present from my parents was probably the big picture of the temple we got...one more thing Carleton (and our friend Ben) got to hang up!  

The next day we went to his brother's house in Tennessee where we learned that his brother and sister-in-law Christy are expecting a baby, yay!  Again, we went on a nice walk while everyone was still asleep, I went shopping while Carleton helped his brother install shelves, I couldn't believe that tax in TN is nearly 10%, I wish I would've known that before I started buying a bunch of things I didn't really need or that I could've got in NC.  The grandkids (in both families) were spoiled rotten, no surprise there.  Lana made a delicious dinner, I always thought that I hated sweet potatoes, turns out, with marshmallows and pecans on them, they're delicious!  It is so nice to live close enough to both our families to spend the holidays with both, what a great blessing!