Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I almost forgot!

the school of fish the barracuda was stalking...yeah-there were tons!

view from our hotel in Miami!

we got a special cake for being on our honeymoon
King and Queen

Carleton started our marriage off right; he woke up and made me french toast and eggs.  Later that day the honeymoon began... we started it off in Miami, where we stayed in a really nice hotel with amazing bathrobes and a spectacular view.  The next morning we boarded our cruise ship, I don't know that I've ever eaten so much in one week in my entire life!  Our first spot was supposed to be Roatan, Honduras, but since it was under civil unrest, our guide, Simon, decided it was unsafe and we'd keep on chugging on board that day.  We went snorkeling in Cozumel which had the clearest, most exquisite water I've ever seen.  We liked it so much that we went again when we got to a private island in the Bahamas.  In Mexico we saw a barracuda stalking a school of fish, it was awesome and a little scary at the same time; then we saw an eel, it was ticked when our guide touched it.  In Belize we went to the ruins of Altun Ha.  That was neat, but snorkeling was by far the best.  By the time we got home, our tummies were full and and we were ready to start putting our home together.  Little did Carleton know that meant hanging a TON of pictures, he now officially hates picture frames.