Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Talan turns 3!  We started the new year off with family for our one and only nephew's birthday.  Jes did a great job decorating the house and creating a Buzz Lightyear themed party.  We made pita pizzas and had a delicious space ship cake.  Talan hit the jackpot with his Buzz and Woody loot, Kaylee got in on some of the action too...Taylor was more into the wrapping paper and balloons as usual.  

The night continued with some appetizers and cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory with our friends, Kristin and Ben.  Seriously, they must be tired of us (despite what they say), because we  hang out with them almost everyday.  We had a crazy night of games, Martinelli's apple juice, youtube videos, and threading...we found it on youtube and decided to try it...Ben was by far the best at it, he ripped out the most hairs from Carleton's arm, OUCH!

So with this new year, Carleton gave a great family home evening on Journal keeping.  It had been a while since he wrote in it, but he wrote in it that night and had me introduce myself in it as well.  Now I'm pumped for journal writing, and it got me thinking about blogging...so here is a new year's resolution, to keep up-to-date updates and be better at keeping in touch with our friends...thank you, blogspot!


Lauren George said...

I am so glad you are blogging now! What a great resolution.

Bush's said...

that is so funny because i just took out mu journal and decided i should start doing it again!

The Baker Family said...

Yay i am so excited you have a blog now!! I love you ash! Happy New year!