Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween part 1

We started halloween with the family...ok actually it started out with me waking up at the crack of dawn and driving to mebane, then turning around, then doing that again, getting farther that time, and turning around because the morning shoot we had looked like it wasn't gonna happen because of the weather.  Then I called up Kristin and Ben and did pictures of them, Kristin had asked me to take some pictures, and Ben agreed (for her birthday I think).  THEN we headed to my sister's house to go trick or treating with the kids and rest of the fam.

As you can see here, Talan is Buzz Lightyear, Kaylee is Snow White, and Taylor is the cowardly lion...Jes and her whole family dressed up as all the characters from the wizard of Oz for a ward halloween party-cute!

The entire night she wanted to chew on every piece of candy she could get her (very VERY quick) hands on.  Carleton and I both commented on how we'd never seen so many things in her hands, or her move so fast.  Sweetarts were sticking out between each finger, and she double fisted every candy basket, we just had to be quicker than her which, at times, proved difficult!
Kaylee posed like this for all pictures in her dress
Fearless, anything for candy!
She was quick to get from door to door!

He'll smile at me, but not with me

This started at Disney World.  He figures if he makes a goofy face, I'll stop asking him to take pictures with me, I have been pleading for weeks for him to just smile normally in one picture...he did at the BYU game, that's it.  
This is me begging some more, he married the wrong person to hate pictures so much!
And, sadly, as much as I hate to admit it, I gave up:( he triumped...this time
 and now he smiles
Next: to the Gertsch's!