Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween part 2

The Gertsch's throw great parties, especially on Halloween, Doreen gets WAYYYY into it!  Thanks for throwing a fun, game filled party, guys!
 We voted on several things, one of which was best halloween treat, guess how many votes I got with these pumpkins I made?!  zero.  yep, that's right.
At least there was really good competition, Marianne's awesome white chocolate dipped oreo eyeballs, these won first place
Allison's shortbread fingers with almond fingernails and raspberry guts to dip it in
Doreen's very cute mice!  Man all these ladies blew me away, obviously, they all got votes!
We had a catwalk performance...Allison and Tessa
Matt, I know it looks like I'm checking out his butt, but I don't think I was!
Oh, it gets better...and yes that is Carleton, note the keys in his back pocket

Yep, he's attacking me, both he and Allison won best catwalk performance
Finally I was part of a winning game, that's me under there and they wrapped me the fastest, and we had one less teammate than all the other groups!  Way to go team!
I didn't understand the rules of this game...
This is me looking at Ben ticked that he won when I thought the rules were whoever could eat the most off the string but still leave the tiniest part on...apparently you just had to shovel it in fast and not drop it on the floor to win.   Maybe next year I'll understand better!
Balloon pop race!

They gave Carleton a "hand" for doing so well on the runway
And here is the story behind the keys....

After most of the people were gone, we decided it was time for our halloween night to come to a close too.  Carleton was searching all over the place for his keys, he thought he lost them while he was doing summersaults on the "catwalk".  The remaining 3 or 4 couples helped us turn the Gertsch's place upside down looking for them.  Under every cushion, in every nook, in every cranny, even in rooms he'd never gone in, everywhere.  I asked him if he checked his pockets...he said yes, about 5 minutes later, I said are you sure, cuz something is in your back right pocket.   They were in his pocket, he forgot he put them there to help him pop balloons.  Needless to say, I won that game!  Gotta love that boy.