Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Man, I just love him, can't get enough!

she LOVED driving, it was a bumpy ride
In line to see the princesses for the first time!

How typical, Carleton looking at me (if you could see more than his shadow, he'd probably be rolling his eyes, and me with my hand and camera to my face and camera bag on my hip, classic)
Talan told us to call him Buzz the whole week, we were supposed to call Kaylee, "Belle" she even told snow white her name was Belle when she asked, she said, "oh like the princess!"

she said I was pretty:)
someone is tired and quite snuggly with uncle Carleton
goodnight and goodbye, Disney World!

We had fun, it was so nice to see all the "magic" through the eyes of excited kids, and to have fun with just the boy and me at other times!

ps none of the pictures in any of these posts are edited, the sky/colors, etc really are that beautiful!


Doreen said...

That first picture on this post is THE BEST!!! I love all of the colors and that classic pose of yours. Love it.