Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Fest 2009

Christmas with the Clauss Family this year was referred to as "Baby Fest 2009" because of all the newborns.

Carleton and I headed to TN for Baby Fest Thursday after a long day of work for me, and a 7.5 hour final for Carleton. The rock slide that closed I-40 added some extra time to our drive, but all in all, it wasn't bad. For dinner we stopped at Taco Bell where I burned the top of my mouth pretty bad, but didn't let it deter me from eating my tacos!

The next morning Carleton woke up with a sore throat that I didn't think much of at the time. We sat on the couch eating pineapple when my mouth started really hurting. After a minute I realized I was not tasting pineapple, but mouthfuls of blood, YUCK! That burn from the taco made my mouth all red and white up where I'd gotten burned, I know, sick. After 15 minutes or so of spitting out mouthfuls of blood and dabbing the roof of my mouth with a paper towel it started feeling a little better. Carleton went and took a nap and was irritated because I was poking him thinking he was being rude not spending time with his family. After he got up we found out he had just over a 103 temperature. Sorry, honey. He didn't eat anything the rest of the day and was pretty much quarantined from everyone. He even wore a mask for the rest of that day and most of the next. Poor guy. He was so excited to see all the kids, but he couldn't even touch them or throw them around the way he was hoping.

"Christmas Day" was better. Anna, Karl, and family were finally able to get there (they attempted Friday but had to turn around because of the snow). Karl, Jen, Lana, Carleton, and I went shooting, it was Jen's first time and I think she did great!

On our way home we got stuck behind a big accident for about an hour. A mack truck hit a snow bank and completely turned over, hitting some trees and splitting open the trailer (spilling the contents of it on the interstate). We ended up turning off the car, sitting back and chatting.

Despite the less than thrilling traveling conditions, Carleton being sick, even coughing up blood at one point, we really enjoyed seeing our family and spending some quality time together. We have such a great family on both sides and feel so blessed to be a part of it!

more pictures of the little ones on my picture blog


Julie said...

You may try this herbal candy, which is pretty popular in asia~~
It works well on my sore throat!

Ben and Rachel said...

The last one is so beautiful!